Designing your online presence


Whether your business is blogging, insurance, real estate, consulting or eCommerce ; there are several website platforms to help you achieve your online presences. My Web Me is a website template designer for the professional who either does not have the time or the "know how" to get a website up and running.

Even though WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") and other "plug and play" web templates are user friendly; for some people, they are not easy to customize and get published.

If this is your situation or you simply do not have the vision, time or desire to customize a generic template into a professional and uniformed web presence with a clear message, then contact MWM for a free consultation.


My Web Me designs and customize "plug and play" website templates on the following platforms


Websitebox is a cost effective solution  for the real estate professional. 

ZOHO is the perfect platform for business and organization seeking a website that offers  CRM, email and campaign branding to grow your organization.

Blogger is a Google platform and offers an online presence for "free"

Click Here to view a "free" website created on "Google Blogger"

Weebly is the perfect platform to create a blog or an eCommerce store.

Wix is awesome for "flash and animation".